Timy was found alone when he was puppy and from then he lives in our shelter. When we met him he was a phobic dog and he didn’t trust us for months, Now he is a happy boy, still he needs time to trust new people but he is calm with people he knows. Shelter is not the right place for him, he needs a home where he can feel more safe and calm, he needs people who will give him time. He is a normal to medium energy dog, he walks great with leash and he really enjoys walking out of the shelter. He is social and playful with the most of other dogs here, he likes to be with female dogs and he is also ok with male dogs. He has an old fracture in his leg, but this is not a problem for him to walk, run and play as a normal dog. Timy is a sweet boy, he lives in the shelter about 3 years and its time for him to find his own family.

Want to adopt Timy?

We work toghether with a few organisations in different countries to manage the practical side of the adoptions. If you want to adopt one of our dogs or want more information, please contact the organisation in your country. 

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