Tereza was found very sick, weak and terrible abused. Someone had cut her ears with scissor and she was bleeding for months, her paws were bleeding too. We knew that we had to save her. She was terrified for months and she didn’t trust us, but she was happy near us. Now, after approx a year with us, she is absolutely happy, knowing that she has people who love her, she is still stressful sometimes but she trusts us. She is a normal to low energy dog, likes to play with other dogs and she feels strong and safe for the first time in her life. She loves her bed, she is sweet, calm, affactionate and she enjoys to lay under the sun. Tereza deserves to find her own family.

Want to adopt Tereza?

We work toghether with a few organisations in different countries to manage the practical side of the adoptions. If you want to adopt one of our dogs or want more information, please contact the organisation in your country. 

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